Database Development

DebugIT can determine your organisation’s information requirements and develop a database structure, user interfaces and report customisation for your particular requirements. Our extensive experience in working closely with clients enables us to foresee many of the challenges faced in developing a software solution for your organisation.

DebugIT can implement an outsourced arrangement and assume responsibility for your data management.

We can modify or extend current your database or tailor a program to meet the evolving needs of your organisation.

Office automation

DebugIT can create automated documents which will solve even the most demanding requirements. This has a great impact on time saved, freeing up staff to focus on the outcome and not the method.

Based on years of expert knowledge and experience, DebugIT can:

  • Save time by automating repetitive daily tasks
  • Simplify data entry and error checking
  • Create intuitive and well designed interfaces
  • Problem solve existing macros and code
  • Provide consultancy


  • Time sheets
  • Invoices
  • Charts
  • Importing and exporting to data repositories
  • Pivot tables and charts
  • Template creation


  • Forms to fill documents
  • Custom ribbons and toolbars
  • Automatic data extraction from other systems
  • Pre-styled, formatted and branded templates


  • Professional Animations
  • Template creation
  • Custom branding
  • Custom content

Training and Support

DebugIT can provide operating system and desktop application training. Introductory to expert training in:

  • Database development training in the Microsoft Access environment. It not only covers the application but also the principals of database design. This can be provided using your own project thus enabling parallel training and development.
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Visio
  • SQL
  • Visual Basic for Applications.

Training can be provided in-house or in fully equipped class room environment.

Ongoing support can be arranged which will provide mentoring and troubleshooting services on new and existing projects.